Before, during and long after holidays!

Enjoy our collection before, during, and long after the holidays!

Christmas is on everyone’s mind! Your store might be transformed into a Christmas wonderland already, but you might be missing that few items to make your collection complete.The great thing about our diverse collection of pots, baskets and deco items is that you and your customers can enjoy them before, during and long after Christmas. Our products lend themselves well to decorate with during the holidays and to be used the rest of the year as well.


The Roman(tic) range has, by its shape and colours, a true classic appearance. It will create some romance in your interior, perfect for Christmas! Using a smaller Christmas tree will make the XL pot an ultimate eye-catcher, use the matching lanterns to complete the look.     

Roman Kerst

Emma Kerst


The Emma pots are both elegant and cool.
Decorate them using Christmas ornaments and ribbons. After the holidays you can  replace these items with plants and you’ll always have a beautiful statement piece. Emma pots are available in three colors and a variety of shapes and sizes. 


We have a large collection of Kubu baskets and decorative items. Kubu, otherwise known as rattan is a 100% natural and high quality material. The warm feel of the material makes it highly suitable for Christmas decoration, using it to house your Christmas tree for example. All baskets are lined with PP lining, the Quality series comes with plastic inserts. We have Kubu wreaths as well, which makes for a warm welcome.

Kubu Kerst

 Bob Zinc Kerst

Bob Zinc

The zinc bucket from our ‘Bob’ series is a versatile product that lends itself well for all kinds of decorating purposes. These buckets are available in a variety of shapes, colours and sizes.     


The wooden bowls from our Kobe line have a warm and natural look.
You can style them to your liking, using plants and other decorative items, or imagine a (Christmas) center piece using the larger bowls for example, the possibilities are endless. These items are available from L25cm up to L100cm.

Kobe Kerst

Enjoy your home! 

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