A welcoming home, year-round

This years’ Christmas celebrations will be different. One aspect will be more important than any other year; a cozy and welcoming home. Fortunately, Mega Collections stocks a wide range of baskets, pots, zinc and deco items which will aide in adding some extra holiday spirit to your home. Good thing is; you can easily restyle them and use seasonal plants to create a different ambiance year-round.

Indoor pottery

Our indoor pottery, your desired style, a Christmas tree and some ornaments is all you need to create a cozy, seasonal atmosphere at home.
After the holidays you can switch out your decked out tree and ornaments with a new houseplant.

Binnen potten

Wooden items

Wooden items give your home a natural and cozy vibe. You can easily create beautiful christmas (center) pieces, and with some minor adjustments, enjoy them the rest of the year as well.

Houten items vierluik

Bobs - baskets

Housing your plants or even Christmas tree in one of our Bobs baskets is always a good idea! How about these Bobs baskets? They’re lined with plastic which will prevent leaking.

Bobs manden

Zinc - Vintage Green

Zinc buckets in this warm vintage green will pair beautifully with your Christmas tree. You can mix and match  with different pots and wooden items to create different looks and settings. These buckets are suitable for both in and outdoor use. We recommend pairing them with our waterproof inserts.

Zinc 3 luik

Loxley pots

Very cool as well, are our wooden Loxly pots. In both small and bigger sizes they don’t only exude a natural warm vibe, but look a bit “rugged’ as well.
With these items you can create a welcoming home year-round!

Loxley 2 luik


The Roman and Romantic lines have a classic look due to their shapes and colours. With these items you can instantly create a romantic atmosphere around the house. These items are well suited for decoration, just let your creativity run with these and they will prove to be great eyecatchers in your house.

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